Choosing Your Domain Name

Before requesting your domain, we recommend thinking through what domain name you intend to choose. Your domain name will be a unique web address ending with “” (e.g. You will be able to use this personal web address to build out your own digital presence. As you consider your domain name, keep in mind:

  • One core domain name will be associated with your LSU email address, but you will be able to build on that core domain as your projects develop. For example, if you are a teaching faculty member who intends to use this domain to host projects for a variety of courses, you might choose “” Later, you will be able to build on that domain with web addresses such as: or
  • You may wish to include your name in your domain: There is no requirement that your domain reflects your specific identity in the form of your first and last name. However, choosing a domain name that includes your name may make it easier for you to achieve higher rankings in search engines when someone queries your real name.
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