Creating a Book

To get started in Scalar, you will need to create a book.

Go to your Scalar site via the My Apps link on your cPanel Dashboard or the Scalar URL you established during the setup process.
Access Scalar site and click the Sign-in link

Log in to Scalar using the username and password you set up during the installation process.
log into scalar with your email and Scalar password

Note: Scalar has an “old” dashboard and a “new” dashboard, both of which are useable as of December 2023. The images and instructions below are based on the “new” dashboard. Go to the top right corner and click, Dashboard.

Start by clicking “Create new book” and entering a title in the pop up window.

You now see your book under “Books.” If you hover over the title, a “dashboard” button appears. Click it to start adding content to your book.

You can find the Scalar user guide here:

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