Setting Up Subdomains

A subdomain is one way of organizing and separating content on your site. To create a subdomain, use the following steps:

  1. Log into with your LSU username and password to access your cPanel.
  2. From your cPanel, find the “Domains” icon under the Domains section of cPanel
  3. Click “Create a New Domain.”
  4. Type the name of your new subdomain into the text box. NOTE: Your new subdomains must be structured as a division of your root domain. For example, if your main “root” domain is, your new subdomain might be

    In the example below, my root domain is, and my new subdomain is I cannot create a new subdomain without the “” part.

    The form might suggest alternative names for your new subdomain. Assuming you are structuring your subdomain name correctly, you can ignore the often unhelpful suggestions.

  5. Once you’ve typed in a name, cPanel will automatically populate the Document root field for you. This will create a folder to contain your subdomain’s files. You’ll usually want this folder to match the name of your subdomain, so it’s easy to identify where different files live in your account. Once you’re done, click Create.

Your subdomain will now be available as an option for automatic installation of various software (WordPress, MediaWiki, etc). If you prefer to install web applications manually, you can do so in the document root (folder) you created in step 5.

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