What Can You Do with Your Account?

Install a Web Application in Your Space

This hosting space makes it very simple to install certain Web applications in your cPanel account. Web applications allow you to build and manage a website. The kind of site you can build depends on the type of application you install. Here are some examples of applications that you can easily install within the lsusites.org web hosting interface:

WordPress: WordPress is a simple-to-use blogging application. The tool also comes with a huge array of plugins & themes to allow you to create virtually any kind of website imaginable.

Omeka: Omeka can be used to create and display online digital collections and archives.

Scalar: Scalar allows you to create digital “books” that juxtapose all types of media with writing. Scalar books can be built collaboratively–as a class, for example.

Mediawiki: It is the open-source wiki software that runs the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. This tool may be right for you if you’re interested in publishing documents then collaborating with others.

These are just a few of the applications that are available to you in your hosting space.  We encourage you to read more about what Web applications are and which ones are available to you through.

Play with Multiple Applications Using Subdomains and Folders

Although you only receive one “root” domain (yourname.lsusites.org), you can install lots of applications by dividing your root domain into subdomains and/or subfolders. Here’s an example of how you might organize your site (using the subdomain vs. the subfolder approach)

Subdomain Approach Subfolder Approach
yourdomain.com (“root”) Install WordPress as your “main site” yourdomain.com (“root”)
course1.yourdomain.com Install a second WordPress instance for a course you’re taking yourdomain.com/course1
collection.yourdomain.com Install Omeka to create a digital collection you’ll use in class yourdomain.com/collection
docs.yourdomain.com Install MediaWiki for a club you belong to that wants to collaboratively edit its bylaws yourdomain.com/docs
files.yourdomain.com Install OwnCloud so you can access your files on your laptop and at work yourdomain.com/files

This is just an example of a way to organize your site and then use different sections to do different things. There is no one solution to this challenge, and what you do should be driven by what makes sense to you.

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